What I’ve Written

Guides: How to make the same mistakes that I have!
Perfecting Vegas – How to Live Like the Movies
Tips on Making Your Life More Spontaneous (and why I hate cliches)
The Best Free Things to do in San Diego This Summer
How to Avoid Getting Scammed by a Taxi Driver

Summer Camp Series: Laugh with me, not at me.
A Typical Day at Summer Camp
Summer Camp Curiosities – Week 1
Summer Camp Curiosities – Week 2
Summer Camp Curiosities – Week 3
Summer Camp Curiosities – Week 4

Personal Rantings and Updates: Because everyone is entitled to my opinion.
Ambition’s Dilemma
My Last Semester at USC
Why I’ve Disappeared
Christmas Carols are Evil and Traumatic
Cheers to New Opportunities

Things I’ve Lived Through: AKA experiences and travel.
The U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach
The 4th of July on Bass Lake
A Weekend Escape to Bass Lake
Will Sell Fruit for a Ride – How I Survived Being Stranded in Nicaragua
San Francisco USC v. Stanford Weekender
Breaking Routine in Downtown Los Angeles
Venice Beach: The People Make the PlaceThe Santa Monica Ferris Wheel is Wheely Cool
When in Amsterdam, Go Dutch!
Paris: The City of Love… and Awkward Metro Station Smells
Madrid 2013: No Hunger, No Regrets
Sleepless in Seville
Granada Style!
Barcelona! More Than a Club
Albany, Where You Live Happy & Free
Kalbarri, Western Australia
Margaret River, Western Australia
Weekend Trip to Melbourne
Taming Kangaroos in Caversham Wildlife Park

Lists: Basically a stream of consciousness, but numbered.
My Summer 2012 Sandcastle Pail List

Cheese: it’s the milk you can chew.

Escape My Blog: My writing on other websites.
Recapping the National Day of Action
Brown and Whitman to Debate on Saturday
L.A. Residents File Lawsuit Against Expo Line Bikeway Construction
Could The Ninth Circuit Court’s Decision To Protect State Secrets End Up Hurting National Security?


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