Why I’ve Disappeared

…I’ve decided to apply to become a corps member for Teach for America!

I’ll know by November 1st whether I’ve gotten the job or not, but I’m really crossing my fingers and doing good things to random people who annoy me in hopes of boosting my karma points (I’m sorry for cutting you off with my skateboard, entire USC campus!).

I’ve researched and interviewed just about everyone I can think of in order to find out everything about Teach for America. It seems like the people who know most about the organization tend tend to feel passionately on both sides of the spectrum — some believe it does more harm than good, others believe it’s truly creating progress.

The main criticism that’s been given to me is that a lot of people who apply to be a corps member are doing it for the wrong reasons — they solely want the service work to help them advance in their future careers without actually feeling passionate about children. The corps members take the place of teachers without jobs who are technically more qualified. However, recent studies show that this is not necessarily the case in California.

This criticism does not apply to me. The main reason I want to join the organization is because I miss the little pipsqueaks that I’ve cared for over the past three years. All of my close friends could probably name about five kids I’ve worked with — and I know they get tired of hearing about the funny/interesting things that happen at camp (which to be honest is part of why I’ve created this blog! I can tell as many camp stories as I want and have my enslaved computer  an attentive audience). I’ve mentioned before in the past that I can’t see myself in a career that doesn’t involve working with children, and that’s why going into law right away is not the best decision for me.

I know it will be challenging, but I also know that it will be a rewarding adventure!


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